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Cleaning out my closet

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I am (attempting) cleaning my apartment. It has turned into an interesting game of “is that a curled up sock or a sex toy?” More often than not, it’s a sex toy. I’m glad my siblings haven’t been visiting recently. Also, I should probably try keeping track of my stuff. 

I do not have much for you right now, just wanted to share my perils. I bought a bunch of new toys recently (all scattered on the floor, of course), but my test drive was prevented by that blood curse only inflicted on females. Tonight, though. Tonight will be a great one. 


Aand I just found a box of puppets and condoms. Welcome to the life of Eva. ’tis freaky shit sometimes. 


/Over and out


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  1. Some times I think closets should not be cleaned out. It is amazing how much they can hold when just packed full. All I can say is hope your test are all a pleasure to you, and waiting for a report. Tip

  2. Hope every thing is okay, and that something didn’t fall on you while cleaning the closet. Hope you come back soon. Tip


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